The Badger Mining Customer Resource Team is accessible 24/7/365 – staffed with real people! One hundred percent on-time delivery requires constant support and our team has the experience required to get the job done. Has another supplier left you stranded? No worries! Whether it is product availability, pricing issues, technical data, or logistical support, we’ve got you covered. Badger Mining Corporation has developed a centralized Customer Resource Team that is at your disposal around the clock. We believe service is our most powerful differentiator and strive to exceed your expectations time after time. To experience the difference of having 24/7/365 service provided by highly trained and knowledgeable professionals, contact us. We’ll get you taken care of!


Our mines and processing facilities are located on major rail lines facilitating low-cost transportation access to markets throughout North America. We provide service to all areas of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. At Badger Mining, our goal is to cater to all our customers’ needs. Wherever your requirements are, Badger service is available. Direct ship or via transload, we have the production, we have the rail fleet, and we have the distribution network to get your job done.