BadgerCast ®

BadgerCast® foundry sand is a premium round grain silica sand made specifically for the metals casting industry. Mother Nature has provided us with the highest purity sandstone in North America. Our customized mining, washing, drying and blending processes transforms this raw material into the best finished product available in the market. Our management and manufacturing processes are ISO certified, guaranteeing consistent quality with every load.

Badger Mining also provides a variety of technical services to our customers in support of their casting operations. These include:

  • basic and advanced sand training
  • statistical product analytics
  • green sand testing
  • reclaimed sand testing
  • resin / binder system comparative testing
  • sand handling consultation
  • sieve calibration



Badger Mining has been involved with 3D sand printing since its earliest days in the North American markets. Our printing sands are produced specifically to meet the requirements of this demanding application. We have had success printing molds and cores with several of our standard grades as well as with customized grades produced to meet the needs of a specific printing application. Our unique screening and blending capabilities allows us to meet almost any specification.


In January 2013, Badger Mining Corporation revised its product literature to reflect the updated OSHA standards to be consistent with the Globally Harmonized System of hazard communications. A Safety Data Sheet for each our product lines can be found by clicking on the buttons below.