By one definition, sand is the most commonly found material on the surface of the planet. And yet for something so common, it varies greatly from place to place, deposit to deposit. And these variances can make all the difference to the end user. Physical and chemical properties that benefit one application can hamper another. So sourcing your sand with the end use in mind is critical to your success.

Mother Nature has provided Badger Mining Corporation (BMC) with the highest purity sandstone in North America. Our customized mining, washing, drying and coating processes transform this raw material into the best finished product available in today’s market. Our manufacturing and process management systems are ISO certified, guaranteeing consistent quality with every load.




We are confident the quality of our sand products is superior to that of all the others and we are willing to prove it! The Badger Challenge is a program we have created to do just that. With your consent, we will run a side by side comparison of the sand or coated sand you currently purchase against a comparable product made by Badger. We will test to your criteria, share all the results, and involve your personnel to whatever degree you feel appropriate. And it’s all done on our dime: 100% of the cost will be borne by Badger Mining.

Typical analyses we perform for the frac market would be:

  • Long-Term Conductivity Testing and Sieve Analysis on field samples performed by Stim-Lab
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) testing to evaluate the proppant flowback prevention capabilities of your current resin coated sand supply

In the foundry markets, typical testing would include:

  • Green sand analysis
  • Binder and resin system efficiency testing
  • Reclaimed sand analysis

The primary goal of the Badger Challenge is the ability to provide our customers with accurate data they can use to make their best buying decisions. If through the process we are able to generate new business for ourselves, all the better. However, in the end, if all that is achieved is that our customer has a better understanding of the material they currently use, we have still provided a beneficial service. So, the process will be worth your effort, regardless of the results.



Contact a BMC sales or customer service associate to get started. If you have an inquiry for BadgerFrac (frac sand or resin coated sand), please contact our 24/7/365 customer service team at 715-662-2400, or if you have an inquiry for our BadgerCast (foundry sand), please contact our customer service team at 800-285-0038.